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Engaged Athletics Baseball Training Facility

Engaged Athletics Baseball Facility

We offer a full-service approach to practices, baseball and sports performance training. As part of an EA team, members have 24/7 access to our 15,000 sq. ft. Indoor Training center during the developmental year.  Our coaches and teams are provided a premium space with premium equipment to facilitate the development of our next generation of baseball players.

Training Facility Amenities

Our facility has 3 total Hitting Lanes, two lanes are 15 ft wide and 55 ft long, equipped with Jr. Hack Attacks in each cage that serve as a powerful tool to getting quality reps. The third hitting lane is 15 ft wide x 70 ft long. This lane provides us the ability to have our pitchers face live hitters during practices and we are able to set up our full size Hack Attack to see game like speed at in-game distance.

Our facility has three total Pitching Lanes in a 40 ft x75 ft. turfed space, all equipped with top-of-the-line pitching mounds and targets. This area is adjacent to the three hitting lanes and serves to simulate in-game pitching scenarios.

The front of our facility is built for comfort for those watching or waiting during practice and training time. The front of the parents’ lounge features picture windows for ample viewing, seating, work surfaces, and free WiFi for those who need it.

Engaged Athletics Baseball Facility

Our indoor training center is located at 305 NW Business Park Lane in Riverside, MO 64150. As a member you have access to our facility 24/7 year-round access.