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    Engaged Athletics

    We focus on individuals from all backgrounds, and their unique talents within the construct of building foundational skills, character, and leadership. We expect all participants – athletes, coaches, and parents – to continually push to give their best and demonstrate character, class, teamwork, and commitment in all that they do. We believe this philosophy is a winning model and will produce fundamentally sound athletes, leaders, and competitors who will succeed off the court as much as they do on it.


    Engaged Athletics is committed to providing athletes with a positive experience across each of its teams. With professional and collegiate-level coaching, players foster skills in their sport by learning from experts. All of our teams work to develop both character and skills at every level of play.

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    About Us



    Engaged Athletics Baseball organization offers players a way to learn the game from coaches who have played competitively at the college and professional levels. 


    Our coaches, parents, and athletes are committed to holding the highest integrity and class in and out of the sports environment. That's why we have partnered with the Positive Coaching Alliance to continually instill our club members with character training.

    Sports performance training provided by ARC Sports Performance


    NOW OPEN at 305 NW Business Park Ln, Riverside, MO 64150

    • Fully-equipped facility
    • 24/7 access
    • Indoor team practice
    • Skills training
    • Strength & conditioning
    • Professional & collegiate-level instruction
    • Access to online video training library