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Engaged Athletics

Engaged Athletics 2023 Golf Classic

Engaged Athletics is proud to work with student athletes, regardless of income or background, to elevate their performance in sports and for some, create a pathway toward collegiate scholarships while building foundational life skills, character, and leadership. As a not-for profit organization, we offer coaching, training, and financial support to a diverse group of participants who wish to participate at a competitive level in baseball.

By taking part in the Engaged Athletics Annual Golf Classic, you will have a lasting impact on our program as 100% of net proceeds will be applied toward scholarships, fees, and support for deserving student athletes. 

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Engaged Athletics 2022 Golf Classic

Our approach for our athletes is to provide first class facilities, coaching, and value for our multiple communities that we service.

Our commitment is to engage and educate our players to elevate their skills on the field, in the classroom and at home with family.

  • 300+ Commitments at all levels of College Baseball
  • 30+ MLB Draft Picks
  • 20+ former players/coaches currently coaching college/professional baseball
  • 10+ MLB Alumni

Engaged Athletics is committed to providing youth and high school athletes with a positive experience across each of its teams. With professional and collegiate-level coaching and training, players foster skills in their sport by learning from experts. Each player is different, so it is important to INDIVIDUALIZE an athlete's development plan.  We provide a long term plan for each player that gives them guidance on what parts of their game need improved upon.

Learn more about the Engaged Athletics Staff, the Engaged Athletics Baseball Programs and the Engaged Athletics Training Facility or Contact Us directly to schedule time with one of our coaches.

Engaged Athletics Indoor Training Centers


At Engaged Athletics we service multiple communites and provide top rate instruction throughout the KC Metro and extended areas.  The way this improves our service is by uniting like minded and talented players.  Our facilities are first class, safe, and clean!

Engaged Athletics - Riverside

Our indoor training center in North Kansas City is located at 305 NW Business Park Lane in Riverside, MO 64150.   Watch a virtual tour and learn more about the Engaged Athletics Facility.

Engaged Athletics - Big Springs

Engaged Athletics -  Big Springs is located in Big Springs, KS which sits in between Lawrence and Topeka  at 1898 E 56th Rd, Lecompton, KS 66050 .